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Mighty to Save

In the first verse of Isaiah 63, the Lord describes Himself this way: It is I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save. When you think about it, the whole sweep of Biblical history is about how He is mighty to save, even though this exact phrase is used only here in the Bible.

So I decided to ask, what does it mean that the Lord is “mighty to save”?

Here is only a short list:


  1. No situation is too terrible, and no heart too darkened, that Jesus cannot save.

  2. No sin after we’re saved can undo His mighty work of salvation. He saved us forever.

  3. No enemy in heaven or on earth or in the supernatural realm can stand against Him when He saves us.

  4. He chooses us before we would have ever chosen Him. Even repentance and faith are part of His powerful grace to save us.

  5. He alone is mighty to save. No one else can help us sinners in our darkness and our separation from God. He is the only one.

  6. He takes us as we are by the merits of Christ’s sacrifice and transforms our lives into His image. You don’t have to clean yourself up to be save – and indeed, you cannot.

  7. His invincible might flows out His righteous character. He doesn’t overlook our sins; He Himself (in the Person of His Son) pays for them.

  8. He continues to save us along our journey. He has saved us – justification. He is saving us (delivering us from the old habits and sinful ways that still plague even Christians) – sanctification. And He will save us – glorification. One day we’ll be in His presence clarified to the likeness of Christ, and finally free of our old sin nature.

  9. He will right every wrong, and take vengeance upon every enemy, at the end of days when He saves us once and for all.

To Him alone belongs all glory, honor, and praise!

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