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Jim Carpenter

I grew up on a farm in Western Colorado, which means I still say things like “Are you going to warsh the truck today?” Inexplicably, warsh can also mean a dry streambed. “There’s this warsh out past the old barn…” Actually, you could probably warsh the truck in the warsh. I also say, “I think you should make squarsh to go with the meatloaf tonight.”


During my teen years I became a Christian and felt a call to ministry. I went to college at the University of Denver, where I met my wonderful wife Dionne. She and I celebrated 50 years of marriage last June. Or as I often say, “40 wonderful years.” (She is extremely tired of that joke; I’m working on phasing it out.)


We have two remarkable sons who married wonderful Christian wives. At last count we have 11 grandchildren, each of whom is the smartest, most talented, and cutest child in the universe. This isn’t just idle grandpa-speak either. I can prove it. (Proof consists of asking my wife.)


Together Dionne and I served the Lord for 45 years: in church planting, training church planters around the world, writing church planting curricula, and for the last 20 years, pastoring a local church. I “retired” in July 2022. I put “retired” in quotes because, though my ministry has changed radically, I am still serving the Lord. This blog is one small part.


By the way, I had another blog for years, but let it go dormant. If you’d like to check it out, it’s still floating away in the cloud somewhere, with hundreds of posts, some of which are pretty good. Click

Okay, nothing very remarkable about this guy, you say. True! But Jesus – well, He’s incomparable.

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