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I just had another birthday. I know that age is just a number, but as a friend of mine noted a few years ago, “It’s just a number, but in your case, a big, scary number.” But I have to say, I see so many great things about the age I’m at and the stage of life I’m in. I jotted a few of them down....


1.       A lot of people think I’m wise now when all I am, maybe, is old. But I appreciate the appreciation anyway.

2.       Similarly, many folks are more polite to me. They call me sir and hold the door for me. When they do, I receive it graciously, and move my hand like I’m giving the papal blessing. “Bless you my child.” Okay, I don’t do that, but I’m thinking of starting.

3.       I’m much, much closer to my final destination, which makes it easier to think about eternity. And to try to get ready for it.

4.       When I try to help lift heavy things, younger people shoo me out of the way. Bless ‘em.

5.       My stories, which I’ve been telling for decades, seem more interesting to some people now. Even when they’ve probably heard them before.  (see #1) Or maybe they’re just being polite.

6.       I don’t feel so competitive as I used to, which for me is a good thing. Who cares about winning a board game or an argument when the real race that is set before you is not against anyone else? (See Hebrews 12:1-3)

7.       I celebrate small victories easier. The mornings when I get out of bed without my back aching are increasingly rare, but when it happens, I’m thankful.

8.       I used to kind of resent the server saying, “And with your senior discount…” Now, not so much. Bring it on. In fact I wish the discounts increased with your age. Pretty soon they’d have to be paying me for eating their bacon and eggs.

9.       I’m skeptical (you might even call it cynical) about official pronouncements from the experts, whether in medicine, sports, or politics. I haven’t forgotten their track records in the past when I used to believe every little thing they said. Maybe the people who think I’m wise are right, at least a little.

10.   The people I love are more precious to me, and I think about them and try to reach out to them a lot more.

11.   I’m even more in love with my wife of 51 years than when we were young, and that’s saying a lot. Which makes me so glad we didn’t call it quits during the really hard times of the past.

12.   I’m more interested in beauty than ever before. I love mountains, music, writing, paintings, beds of tulips, redwood forests, watching hawks fly, and golden retrievers playing in the snow.

13.   I’m easily overwhelmed by the grace of God. I seem to be more aware of the wonderful, undeserved things He has done for me.

14.   I’m more emotional about the things that I now know matter most. Watching my grandkids play or missing a dear friend who has gone ahead or hearing a beautiful song or reciting a Bible promise makes me tear up. And I won’t pretend I got something in my eye.

15.   I don’t worry as much as I used to. I’ve lived long enough to see that my Heavenly Father does take care of His children. Dionne and I have witnessed the Lord’s provision, healing touch, and transforming grace many times over the years. The Bible says the best is yet to come.

16.   As I still serve the Lord, I’m more content about doing my best and leaving the results to God. And I’m happy with the gifts I have, and don’t stress as much about the ones I don’t.

17.   I used to worry about the future days when I wouldn’t be able to be actively employed as a pastor. I couldn’t figure out how we would make it financially. But now we’re in those days, and God is providing wonderfully, just like He always has.

18.   A lot of things are really funny to me, including myself. I crack myself up. I love laughing, and don’t consider it a waste of time anymore.  

19.   I’m looking forward to heaven. I’ve read and thought and prayed about it, since (thanks to Jesus’ death and resurrection) I know I’ll spend the rest of my eternal life there. I’ll get to see my Savior, and never be apart from Him. Plus, I’ll have eternity with dear friends and precious family. We’ll all be together around the throne.

20.   I’m at peace now. I believe that He has written all the days that were formed for me. Looking back, they were good days. Looking forward, I trust Him for those I have left. And then, praise God, I’m going home.

P.S. I'm not the guy in the picture. He's so much older than I am, it's pathetic.

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